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Ropes and Tricks: Pursuing the Difficult in Climbing and BMX with Waldo Etherington and Rob Ridge

  • Rockburn Bouldering Centre Priory Lane Bridport, DT6 3RW UK (map)

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This event brings together in conversation two daring and skilled extreme sports people. Brought up locally, Waldo Etherington and Rob Ridge are world famous in the fields of climbing and BMX Stunt riding respectively. Both are balletic and breathtaking in their own way as their published images and films will show.


Waldo is a climber and rope rigger.  He has a reputation and passion for climbing both big trees and mountains.  He is recognised as a leading global authority on canopy access, and is a self-proclaimed ‘extreme recreational tree climber’. Climbing trees was an escape from an unconventional but joyful childhood in Dorset.  When working alongside a tribe of young men in Papua New Guinea he observed them seeking out the tallest, the most challenging, or the most aesthetically pleasing tree and scaling them without any sort of roped protection – exactly the same as he did as a boy.

He is often to be found  working in isolated and dangerous situations in some of the most remote locations in the world. These range from  tropical rainforest canopy exploration to ascents in the arctic and traditional rescue training in the USA.  He has completed many successful expeditions for Disney, the  BBC, Discovery and many independent television and film companies.


Rob began his BMX bike obsession in the early 80s whilst watching the daring tricks in the film ET and at 47 years old he has not lost any of that enthusiasm.

As there was a shortage of local skateboard parks in Dorset Rob learnt his skill on flat land and streets and can still be seen practicing and filming on West Bay seafront.

He claims to be a really slow learner but actually if you watch the extreme acrobatic nature of his riding you'll find that hard to believe. He puts his skill down to determination. Steering away from competitions, Rob has excelled and gained an international name for himself with his video and YouTube films. He is also known locally for his management of the now closed Bridport Trick Factory where he passed on his experience, skills and tricks to many young people on both skateboards and bikes.