BRIDLIT FRINGE - 12th to 16th November 2018

BridLit Fringe offers for your enjoyment written and performed words in a wide range of genres, from the accessible to the experimental. It runs from 12th to 16th November 2018, and aims to complement the popular Bridport Literary Festival which runs the previous week.

Giving a platform to a diverse range of people, including those whose writing may seldom be heard, and groups and genres sometimes under-represented in mainstream festivals. BridLit Fringe covers Crime, Performance Poetry, Flash Fiction, Sport, Radical History, Graphic Novels, Young Adult Fiction and Seldom Heard Voices.

Diversity is also reflected in participation of accomplished writers from both near and far, and the use of untypical venues, such as Clocktower Music, Rockburn Bouldering Centre, Bridport Library, The Bookshop and Bridport Museum. Tickets have been set at an affordable £5, but as venues are small, tickets to each event will be limited. Click any button to buy online through Bridport Tourist Information Centre (TIC). Or you get them at the TIC itself in Bucky Doo Square, South Street, Bridport. (map)

Sponsored by Clocktower Music, The Bookshop and Bridport Library.


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